HMOs - A 6 part video series preview

If you are looking for more detailed information about HMOs and how to protect yourself, our 6 part video series is for you.

for an investment of only £49, you can get access to the full 6 part series

Over 6 episodes, you will learn:

  • What the planning system is and why we have it
  • What is mean by a change of use
  • The use classes for dwellings and HMOs (C3, C4, sui generis)
  • The importance of permitted development
  • What an Article 4 direction is
  • How to apply for a certificate of lawfulness (lawful development certificate)
  • How to take advantage of the ten year rule
  • How to apply for planning permission, if you need it
  • How to understand planning policies and work out if permission will be granted
  • What do you if you are refused permission (including how to appeal)
  • How to deal with an enforcement investigation or an enforcement notice