HMOs video guide​ – Part 3 – planning permission

Welcome to Part 3 of our 6-part guide to the planning system and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).

In this video, we look at how you get planning permission for HMOs.

Remember that a HMO with more than 6 people living there (a larger or ‘sui generis’ HMO) always needs planning permission.

A smaller HMO with 3 to 6 sharers (a C4 HMO) is permitted development (not needing planning permission) unless it is in an Article 4 area (check out our previous video for more on Article 4 directions).

To get planning permission, you need to understand the planning policies that apply to HMOs in your area. Read your council’s local plan. Martin Gaine’s book, Planning for HMO, has a lot of detail about how to work out what those policies are, what types of policies usually crop up and how to apply for permission if you need. Check out the book here: