HMOs video guide​ – Part 4 – planning refusals

Welcome to Part 4 of our guide to planning and HMOs!

In this video, we look at what you can do if you have applied for planning permission for a HMO and you have been refused.

The key thing to remember is that a refusal is not the end of the road! The video will explain how to decide whether you should revise and resubmit your proposal, appeal the refusal, or walk away from the project altogether.

It is important to fully understand the reasons for refusal. You should read the ‘officer’s report’ – it provides a detailed justification of the council’s decision.

If you think the council has got the decision wrong, you should appeal. It is best to use a planning consultant for your appeal ( Appeals are quick and easy and they mean that the decision is taken away from the council and given to an independent person appointed by the government.